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Elle J Gift Baskets & More has been providing the ultimate in gift baskets to the elite of Hollywood for over 20 years. 

Elle J Gift Baskets' ability to find "the perfect" items to include in each basket has resulted in a reputation that reaches far beyond Hollywood. 

We pride ourself in our customized baskets. Call us or email us about the person you would like to send a basket to and we will suggest ideas to customize it for them. Many of our baskets are custom made.  Call us at 310-502-4540 


  • Over the past two years Elle J baby baskets have been regularly featured on the Learning Channel TV show "A Baby Story."
  • This past year we have done an exclusive line of Anne Gedde baby Baskets using all of her product.

  • Elle J was featured on the cable TV show Better Homes and Gardens
  • You may have seen our baskets on various TV shows, such as "Movie Stars" with Harry Hamlin.
  • Elle J was recently commissioned by one of Hollywood's biggest celebrities to do some personal shopping.
  • Look for Elle J in upcoming issues of INSTYLE Magazine
  • For over a year we provided Birthday gift baskets for another Hollywood celebrity and her daughter, who was "Almost Famous."


Send your message below, Email or contact by phone: 310-502-4540